About Illustrations

Each Illustration of the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) consists of several pieces. While the primary use of Illustrations is for teacher learning about the SMP, some components are designed for classroom use with students. Below is a breakdown of what can be found in each Illustration.

Mathematics Task:

A mathematical problem or question that supports the mathematical practices.

Student Dialogue:

A dialogue of students with distinct mathematical personalities working together on the mathematical task. The dialogue shows the SMP in action, as they connect to mathematical content.

Grade Level and Standards:

Information about the Standards for Mathematical Practice and Content that are highlighted by the dialogue and the grade range that is represented.

Teacher Reflection Questions:

Questions for teacher reflection on the mathematical practices and mathematical content found in the student dialogue.

Mathematical Overview:

A narrative explaining the prominent SMP found in the Student Dialogue and providing analysis of the deeper mathematical ideas brought up in the students' reasoning.

Student Materials:

Suggested student discussion questions about the dialogue and related mathematics tasks to use with students to encourage reasoning and the use of the SMP.